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Minor Protodeviln NPC

(Version 0.7 - Last Updated: 10/12/97)
Spiritia Rules by MUTE (
Background info provided by the MACROSS ONLINE COMPENDIUM

The "Sivil" series Evil Zentraedi was designed by the Protocultures to be a highly mobile humanoid unit for reconaissance and search-and-destroy missions. To fulfill this task the Sivil prototype was created as a 5' 10" (1.8 m) tall humanoid female with an athletic body and "exotic" (attractive) features. [...]

Sivil was the first protodeviln to be released from her prison in the ice planet of the Varuta system (although Lord Gepernich was the first to regain consciousness). Gepernich had originally not intended to release Sivil early due to her unpredictable nature, but Varuta Ace Gigil disobeyed Gepernich and used the spiritia he stole to free her. Gigil has a crush on Sivil from the first time he saw her and was determined to do anything necessary to make her fall in love with him. However, once freed Gepernich decided to make the best of the situation and sent Sivil to infiltrate the Macross 07 City Section, track down Basara Nekki (the "Anima Spiritia") and eliminate him. Sivil easily penetrated the colony fleet's defenses and tried several times to isolate and destroy Basara, but was repelled every time by Basara's newly awakened spiritia powers.

Sivil initially despised Basara, but eventually grew to respect and even admire him after several encounters. During one encounter Basara accidentally drained Sivil of spiritia, sending him into a coma for several weeks. Eventually Basara and Gigil managed to wake her from the coma, at which point she went rogue and fled to contemplate her feelings for Basara. Upon her return she tried to protect Basara and Sound Force from the newly-awakened Major Protodeviln several times, in one instance nearly costing her her life. Basara revived Sivil and together they faced Lord Gepernich during the final battle of the Macross 7/Varuta war. Following the end of the war Sivil joined Gavil, Glavil, and Gepernich in their quest to find a "spiritia paradise" beyond the confines of our galaxy.


Alignment: Aberrant
I.Q. 11 M.E. 24 M.A. 10 P.S. 40 P.P. 24 P.E. 20 P.B. 22 Spd 18
M.D.C.: 250
Horror Factor: 15 (when using her powers)
Spiritia: 1500 (initial)
Level of Experience: 6th level Minor Protodeviln RCC
Natural Abilities: See below
Sivil tends to be highly emotional and unstable. One minute she will be calm, cool, and collected, and the next she will attack with animalistic ferocity. She is also highly passionate towards people she respects and admires (currently Basara Nekki is the only person who falls into this category). Sivil is highly intolerant of most "lesser" beings (human, zentraedi, etc.) and tends to ignore them when she is not attacking them.
Psionic Powers: See below
Magical Knowledge: None
Combat Abilities: Hand to Hand: Expert
Attacks per Melee Round: five
+2 on initiative, +7 to strike, +4 to roll with impact, +8 to parry and dodge, +5 to save vs. psionic attack, +10% to save vs. coma/death, +3 to save vs. poison/magic, 60% charm/impress, physical attack does 2D6 M.D., critical strike on an unmodified roll of 18-20
Skills of Note:
Detect Ambush80%
Detect Concealment75%
Mathematics - Basic75%
Navigation - Air, Land, Water90%
Navigation - Space90%
Read Sensory Equipment60%
Weapon Proficiencies: W.P. blunt
Weapons/Equipment: None


  1. ENERGY ATTACK: Sivil can convert spiritia energy directly into particle beam blasts identical to those found on most UN Spacy and Varuta warships. This is her least subtle form of attack. Note: Sivil is incapable of generating large particle beam attacks, such as those generated by most Major Protodeviln.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 350 (effect 1) or 150 (effect 2)
    • EFFECT 1: The beam has a range of 200 miles (320 km), and will inflict 8D6x10 M.D. to EVERYTHING in its path.
    • EFFECT 2: The lower power beam is just powerful enough to knock down targets. The beam has a range of 10 miles (16 km), and will inflict 1D6x10 M.D.

  2. AURA (I): Sivil can generate a spherical energy barrier around her body to protect herself (and up to 4 other humanoids) from physical damage. No other existing form of energy barriers can match the strength of protodeviln auras, not even the advanced shield system aboard the original ASS-1.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 200 initial use, plus 10/round to maintain
    • EFFECT: A spherical force field will completely enclose Sivil, protecting her (and up to 4 other people) from harm. This barrier is immune to ALL non-spiritia attacks, including autocannon shells, lasers, particle beams, plasma, missiles, and even the main gun of the Macross 7.

  3. SHOCKWAVE: Sivil can generate an expanding bubble of energy from her body, capable of annihilating anything within is boundaries. One of her favorite modes of attack is to generate this field and then ram all mecha and spaceships in her area, causing massive amounts of damage and wiping out entire fleets one ship at a time.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 500 initial use, plus 50/round to maintain
    • EFFECT: A 100 ft (33 m) diameter energy sphere is generated around her body. Anything caught within this area will immediately sustain 8D6x10 M.D. each round. Anything coming into contact with the perimeter of the sphere will immediately sustain 4D6x10 M.D. each round.

  4. ZENTRAEDI EMOTION CONTROL: Sivil can mentally cause Zentraedi to go berzerk. This power increases the Zentraedi's natural aggressive tendencies to the point where he/she will attack the nearest target (human or zentraedi) and will continue to attack others until the effects wear off. What the renegade Zentraedi decide to do is up to the GM; examples from the TV series include ramming cars, mindlessly attacking officers, and banning together to try and take over the Macross 7 city module.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 20/round
    • EFFECT: Any Zentraedi within 100 ft (33 m) must save vs. insanity or go berzerk. Victims will remain in a homicidal rage for 1D6 hours.

  5. POSSESSION: Sivil can possess the body of another person (human or zentraedi). While in possession of the body she has full access to the person's memories, and has all their skills and abilities at listed level. In addition, Sivil can drain spiritia while in possession of another body. Once possessed, Sivil can stay in control of a person continuously without effort. The only way to drive her out is with spiritia powers.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 200
    • EFFECT: The victim rolls a contest of mental energy (M.E.) with Sivil. If the victim fails then Sivil automatically possesses the person. The victim remains possessed indefinitely until Sivil decides to leave or is driven out.

  6. FLIGHT: Sivil can telekinetically propel herself at incredible speeds through both atmosphere and space. By combining this power with her Aura (I) she can take people with her, even unprotected through space at faster than light speeds.

    • SPIRITIA COST: 5/round for faster-than-light speeds.
    • EFFECT: Sivil can fly at speeds up to

    together to try and stage a mutiny. 4. SPIRITIA DRAIN: Protodeviln can only sustain itself by feeding on the life forces of other living beings. Thus, the creature is capable of draining life from another individual, just like a vampire sucks the blood of a person. o SPIRITIA POINTS: 120 o EFFECT 1: The absorption beam generated by the Protodeviln has a range of 20 ft (6.6 m). If the target is hit by the beam, he/she will immediately lose 1D6 M.E., and lose additional M.E. at a rate of 1D4 per round. However, the victim must roll under his/her current M.E. (Counting the previous effects of drain) to remove himself from the beam's attraction, or else must remain in its thrall, and thus, continue to be drained. Protodeviln need not roll to hit the brain of the target. 5. SPIRITIA ABSORPTION: Protodeviln can only sustain itself by feeding on the life forces of other living beings. Thus, the creature is capable of absorbing life from anything around it, adding the captured energy to its own. o SPIRITIA POINTS: 400 o EFFECT 1: An area of 100 ft (33 m) in diameter is affected by this power. All flora and fauna in this area will begin to lose 1D6 M.E. per round until able to escape from the vicinity. When M.E. is reduced to 0, the creature(s) will fall into a coma until revived.


    • Macross 7 TV episodes 17-49
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